Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Anonymous said: Oi xan, your really cute ☺️😘

Aw ty

Anonymous said: I mailed something to you a year ago now, i guess you guys never got it or i was ignored.

Chill your grill, we don’t “ignore” anyone.
There is currently A LOT of backed up mail and it’s probably in there, sorry that it hasn’t been opened yet but it’s unfair of you to anonymously message trying to make me feel guilty that he hasn’t gotten through to it yet.

Anonymous said: If they are 12+ I'd say an honest explanation would be okay. Under that, just say you got hurt and change the subject.

It’s primary school kids, but I wouldn’t want to explain it to any kid really but there’s no excuse really.

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I’m in the role of a man and I’m being chased by another man possibly from the future because he seems to have some really high tech weapons, there’s a long scary chase part of the dream in which I narrowly escape death a few times.

I end up at a school that has a security code on it’s fence and am let in by a member of staff who seems to know me, I hide in the bathroom and sit on the toilet. The man appears in front of me and I basically accept that I’m dead, I quickly speak- asking him ” can you please not do it here, I don’t want them to find me here” and I squeeze my eyes shut.

I feel the movement of having been transported before he kills me, some kind of acid that melts away my skin I think.

When I “wake up” I’m back at the school looking in the mirror, I look completely different to before. It feels as if the person I am now was being possessed by the person I was who died & by having asked to be moved before death the person possessing me had saved my original body.

I then seem to enter a “2nd stage” of this dream, it turns out I am a ghost brought back to live out being killed by the acid man for all eternity, inside the school. The man killing me is now also dressed up to look like me.

Staff and students have been trying to help me but they never know which of us to try and save each time, I’m constantly watching my skin fizzle away.
Someone comes up with a plan, they all dress up to look like me to confuse the killer and it works, we frustrate him with this plan until he finally comes out and starts yelling for me to show myself, he begins to tell the story of why this is happening and it seems that once he tells me his business will be finished and he will “move on”. …But I wake up.

I officially have a full on cold, probably because I stood in the rain for six hours on Friday night.. Probably still worth it.

In the car park after TAA there were just hundreds of naked people because everyone was fucking soaked and getting in to cars wet sucks. We also saw two guys run up a dirt hill in their undies to piss together, it was a good night haha.

Anonymous said: Would it be okay to do a punk edit of you then show it to you?

If you’d like to c:

You made me hate myself alot 5/2/14 Six word story (via overratedsuicide)


Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Chuck a u’ey Australian proverb (via aristophania)